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How Can WHI Help the Construction Owner?

Well-executed construction projects minimize cost and maximize productivity, which facilitates on-time and within-budget completion for owners. Unfortunately, many construction projects present complex management challenges for owners. The most significant obstacles owners face include poor communication throughout the life of the project, insufficient time for completion or delay of completion, poor quality of performance by both professionals and trades, and a lack of complete design concept and drawings prior to bid. An oversight in any one area may result in financial losses for the owner.

Program Management/Project Oversight

WHI professionals possess expert project management and CPM scheduling experience. This gives WHI the ability to oversee construction projects, and to present well-rounded
project analysis information to owners. WHI consultants focus on the most significant problems negatively impacting any given project, and use extensive knowledge and experience to help minimize those problems before they impact the project’s success. You can bring WHI on board at any stage in the project, from the schematic design to the construction development of the program and onward, and be assured that WHI is looking out for your best interest as the project moves forward.

Design & Construction Defects

WHI’s experts represent a wide variety of architectural, engineering, and construction disciplines, and are able to analyze almost any type of design or construction defect or failure. We will accurately diagnose the problem, develop cost estimates for corrections, assess liability, and manage the remedial work. WHI professionals will assist in negotiation or mediation and will provide expert testimony on your behalf, if such is required.

Dispute Resolution & Claims Analysis

When disputes develop, the project is in trouble and the potential for financial loss is great. It is difficult for the parties involved to resolve disputes because each party becomes increasingly entrenched in its position as time goes on. If you are truly interested in negotiating a solution, WHI will review the facts from an objective position, and form an unbiased expert opinion to aid in settlement negotiation. WHI has assisted in the resolution of hundreds of construction disputes, and in doing so we have helped our clients avoid the more significant losses often associated with litigation.

If you are considering litigation, WHI will assist you in determining if a claim is worth pursuing. Working with your staff, WHI will establish why you are entitled to an equitable
adjustment. With over 30 years of indispensable knowledge and experience in calculating and substantiating damages, WHI will work with you and your attorney to help you successfully navigate the litigation process.

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