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Disaster Consulting on Real Property & Infrastructure

During the past several years, numerous tragedies have occured throughout the United States including natural and man-made disasters which have caused extraordinary damage to property and infrastructure in a way that is unprecedented in the past. The impact of these disasters have caused great hardships and devastation to millions of people; including members of WHI's own staff.

The results of these occurrences have included severe difficulty with travel due to the damaged roads, loss of power, water, etc. significant damage to homes and places of business; and even personal injury and death.

WHI's Experience: How we Helped

After the various disasters, WHI was contacted not only by Public Entities and private property owners, but insurance companies as well. The requirements were basically the same for each one: rapid and accurate assessment of damages and realistic estimates of costs to repair.

WHI's experts inspected sites, photographed damage, reviewed failures, examined existing and past code requirements and provided damage calculations and cost of repair estimates. In many cases, WHI participated in negotiating settlements where one side or the other side had a major difference in its expectations, explaining the basis for WHI's recommendations and conclusions. Often WHI's analysis was basis upon which design professionals were hired to detail the repairs required.

Subsequent to the damage assessments, cost estimates and repair designs, WHI was retained in several instances to oversee and coordinate repairs for a number of homeowner associations and developers. WHI's roles was to assure that these repairs were performed in accordance with the approved designs.

WHI's Assets: Our Professional Expertise

WHI's professional cadre includes the technical disciplines of architecture, engineering , construction scheduling and cost estimating. This broad based staff provides WHI's clients with a single point of responsibility for its disaster consulting needs. If the required expertise is unavailable in-house, WHI knows where to get it, with WHI in control, you can devote your attention to other important matters.


WHI should be your single point of responsibility for consulting on your disaster related construction problems. WHI will quickly and efficiently:

  • Analyze the situation

  • Estimate the cost of repairs

  • Examine relevant building codes

  • Participate in settlement negotiations

  • Monitor or prepare repair design

  • Monitor remediation efforts

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