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Design & Construction Defects Investigations

WHI consultants represent a wide variety of disciplines including architecture, construction, and engineering (mechanical, electrical, structural, soils and geology, acoustics, civil and corrosion). This breadth of knowledge enables us to analyze almost any type of construction defect or failure, and our 40 years of hands-on experience motivates us to find practical solutions to your problems.

Diagnosing the Problem
Proper identification of the root cause of the problem is crucial in assessing liability and defining potential reconstruction. Our diagnostic steps typically include:

  • reviewing the original program and design documents;
  • evaluating the adequacy of the plans;
  • determining if the project was constructed as designed; and
  • performing and/or supervising the performance of destructive and/or nondestructive testing of the problem area.

Developing Cost Estimates for Repairs
WHI consultants will estimate the cost of repairs, taking into account existing construction and the challenges of renovation. Our extensive knowledge in this area includes estimating maintenance costs, useful life, and replacement costs. We are also experienced in estimating future expenditures and in making present worth/cost comparisons. This expertise is invaluable to clients who need assistance in reserve fund analysis and/or present worth projection.

Assessing Liability
Design and construction defects often result in demands for repair or restitution from one party to another. WHI will assist you in determining whether or not the project performs its intended or expected purpose in regard to strict liability. Where professional liability is at issue, WHI will opine on standards of care and interpretation of building codes. Additionally, WHI will analyze the contract documents in detail to determine if a breach of contract is at issue, and then provide expertise as to the contractual requirements of each party.

Managing the Repair Work
WHI oversight services range from pre-construction to post-construction tasks, and our expertise covers the entirety of a job's demands. Some of the ways WHI assists in managing the design and construction of remedial work include:

  • providing guidance to the design professionals on the owner's behalf for the production of plans and specifications for the necessary repairs;
  • managing the bidding process to secure viable contractors;
  • evaluating and monitoring the schedule;
  • organizing and evaluating change orders ;
  • attending job meetings; and
  • preparing progress reports.

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