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CPM Scheduling Consultants with Experience

Back in 1964 WHI's founders were in the vanguard of CPM development, pioneering the use of CPM scheduling techniques in the construction industry. Today, WHI is a nationally acknowledged expert in CPM scheduling techniques.

The Role of CPM Schedule
A good construction schedule is the foundation of a successful construction project. Proper CPM scheduling reduces uncertainty for contractors and owners and decreases the potential for financial losses associated with delays. It is a management tool to evaluate progress and to analyze the impact on going decisions will have on the overall construction project.

Unfortunately not all CPM schedules bring such value to the project. Many of our clients have previously suffered through managing a project with an unrealistic or incomprehensible CPM schedule, and now benefit from WHI's scheduling expertise. WHI consultants are experts in CPM scheduling. We have developed and monitored schedules for thousands of sophisticated and challenging projects for more than 45 years.

A CPM schedule is more than just a barchart , a good CPM schedule allows the project manager to "build the project on paper and computer " before building it in the field.

A good CPM schedule shows:

  • the interrelationship of all activities;
  • the logical sequence of construction;
  • procurement;
  • the emphasis of on-site and off-site activities; and
  • the relationship of each activity to the overall project completion

The real benefit of this knowledge is in determining the relative importance of a particular delay to any activity, and the impact the delay will have on the overall project.

Managing Your CPM Schedule
WHI will meet with you and your project team upfront to develop a realistic plan to construct the project within the parameters of the contract documents.WHI will provide a "baseline schedule" that reflects good planning, realistic time estimates and flexibility.

Once your job is up and running, WHI will help update the schedule. Our consultants will assist your team with bi-weekly or monthly on-site progress meetings; we will also ensure appropriate input, analyze results, identify potential delay factors utilizing a "time impact analysis", and evaluate corrective action via "recovery schedules" to insure that the project is completed on-time.

CPM Scheduling for Owners
An owner-generated Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule? By in-depth involvement in the developing, updating and managing of the CPM schedule, owners can prevent the improper use of the CPM schedule to build a claims case; intelligently countering demands for unwarranted extras and forestall attempts by the contractor to improperly justify more time on the jobsite at the owner's expense.

WHI's CPM consulting services for owners are designed to show you how to make the CPM schedule an impartial and objective management tool. To find out more about WHI's CPM consulting services for owners and how they can help owner's can take control of their construction projects, please feel free to contact WHI at 609-261-0100.

BIM and Construction Scheduling
Building Information Modeling (BIM) has introduced an new way of planning and delivering a construction project. Reports show that there is real value to BIM which offers improved productivity, a reduction in conflicts and changes over the life of a construction project.

However with BIM, the fundamental principals of construction remains the same and ultimately the real benefit of implementing BIM successfully comes from investing in the "Team Concept" as early as possible in the project. WHI's extensive experience scheduling successful construction projects offers many benefits to your BIM team. To find out how you can benefit from partnering with WHI on your next BIM project, please feel free to contact us at 609-261-0100.

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