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Construction Consulting Services for Attorneys

How Can WHI Help the Construction Attorney?
Construction disputes are complex matters to negotiate and litigate. The construction expert's degree of worth can directly influence the outcome of a particular case. Hiring a topnotch consultant will give you a favorable advantage. WHI is a nationally recognized leader in the construction industry; we have experts with the knowledge and experience to help you with your construction case. WHI consultants are well-versed in all aspects of construction, and regularly work with attorneys in support of their clients.

Litigation Support
WHI will gather and reproduce all of the documents and discovery information pertinent to a dispute, and organize it into a meaningful core of information. In addition, our professionals will assist you in drafting answers to technical interrogatories, analyzing depositions, determining facts necessary to challenge opposing expert testimony, and writing expert reports which establish valuable cause-and-effect relationships. Our unrivaled authority in the area of CPM scheduling is evident in the delay analyses we provide for our clients, and is coupled with our ability to unravel the concurrency of issues to determine each party's entitlement to damages. Furthermore, WHI consultants will assist in distinguishing the differences between workmanship and design defects, calculating loss of productivity, and determining objective and realistic damages.

Presentation Graphics / Demonstrative Evidence
The appropriate use of graphics to present your case and depict evidentiary information tailored to the audience will enhance your performance and influence the outcome. WHI
understands the importance of a fluid presentation that purposefully translates construction industry jargon into a meaningful visual explanation of your argument. WHI uses an in-house graphic design team to develop presentations and presentation graphics. As technology advances, presentations and graphics will become more highly specialized. WHI is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality product when it comes to presentations and graphics.

Expert Witness Testimony
Choosing a consulting firm that possesses the ability to support your litigation efforts from discovery to final resolution is vital to the success of your case. WHI consultants are highly regarded as expert witnesses. Our testifying consultants are experienced, knowledgeable, organized, and prepared with the demeanor of an expert. They will competently impress upon the trier-of-fact the issues of the case to establish truth and objectivity.

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